Saturday, August 22, 2009

"You Have A Phone Call."

I haven't been blogging for the past days due to laziness. :( . But my boyfriend prompted me to write again using his suggested title.Why? Because lately he complains on me missing his phone calls many many times. I told him that we are not allowed to carry all the time our phone while at work. He understands that well. At times when I told him that I came from an activity of a certain community, he would exclaimed "na pud?" in english it's "again?". I know lately we've got lot's of activities. All these and more of my valid reasons seemed to be just alibis for him when I call him back. Although sometimes, it's quite annoying since his complaining is already his greeting that is he spends I think more or less two minutes for that issue but we see it a point that our calls end nicely. But I see a deeper meaning of his grumbles. That amidst the distance between the two of us, he makes it a point that I am remembered always and that his sweet nags are his ways of telling me how much he misses me.:)
Thank you lavs for your "langi" complains to me.