Monday, November 24, 2008

Missing the Angel

He came in the middle of confusions and doubts. So innocent yet hurled with accusations. So young to be caught in the middle of the clash of immature person and pathetic made-to-believe situations.
But his first cry gave us laughter that wiped out all these negative thoughts and emotions. Everytime his eyes opens is a promise of a brighter day. His cries in the night is like music to the ears. Then he learns new tricks and began to respond back and laugh out loud. When held in the arms, all is worth it.
In the point that everything's alright, a sad truth appeared before us that we didn't expect to happen very soon. Our angel was taken back by the same person who did not accepted him at first. Truly a painful scenario especially for my parents who have witnessed him from birth and who have also thier share of sacrifices.
And what's left are the memories and these pics which was taken last Oct. 19, 2008. For everything will never be the same again...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Out of Line

The internet connection is very slow lately :(. It's killing lots of time. And it makes me lazy to do some blogging...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Sweet and Sour November

It was nine years ago this same month that I have opened myself to someone. I don't really like him but he's very persistent in having a relationship with me. Being into it for the first time was not easy. It was so awkward and all those stuff.

But as the days and months came, masked in a tough facade, he is truly a sweet and gentle person inside. He's a practical giver. He has not given me even a single card. Instead he gave me flashlight, umbrella, handkerchief and lots of thing which can be of use.

Yet our bond is not all bed of roses. We were also tossed by storms. It was also one november that we broke up for 3 months due to immaturity. Tears fell of missing him. Life was dull and dry without him.

His call last saturday exactly the first day of november reminded me of the wonderful as well as the the not so good things brought about by this month nine years ago which all have contributed to what our relationship has become now.

Trying Hard Cook

I can clean the whole house. I can wash the clothes. I can do the dishwashing. I can do all these stuff perfectly except of one chore which is uncontrollably and controllably neglected by me. I DON"T COOK VERY WELL.

Uncontrollably, because my mother does the cooking at home or if my mother is not around, she assigns my elder sister to cook our food.When I was in college, we just cook our rice and buy our viand outside. And even until today, I don't get to cook our food.For convenience sake, we still buy outside.

Controllably neglected because I chose other chores. I don't exert much effort to befriend the spurting hot oil in the frying pan. I find it hard to get the right taste for others to like my cooking.

But I can remember well when I was in elementary, I saw in the tv ad a scrambled egg with evap milk. I tried it and was so excited to have it tasted by my family but it did not met thier standards. And last saturday, I made a pancake and I got the same negative reactions. But I don't feel bad about it. In fact we just laughed and tried to decode what might have gone wrong with the recipe. I promised myself that whenever I go home, I'll cook for my family.And this time I said to myself, somehow I can master the craft.

I guess, I love cooking after all...