Saturday, April 18, 2009


Excitement rushed through my veins as I woke up very early on Black Saturday.

At first, things seemed fun and easy for me until the first ascend where I pedaled so hard but I felt like not moving a bit. So I went down from the bike and pushed it to the top where my companions were waiting for me. Sweats were flowing like rain. I remembered begging countless times that we stop for a while to rest. The going up rocky path made it more difficult for me. Another challenge set before me was the descending part which is very steep for me. It’s cemented but I got scared that I might not be able to control the brake and go down continuously that again I was thinking of just walking. But hesitantly I’ve decided to go down riding the bike praying the brake can handle my weight and the gravity. But thank God I was able to arrive at our destination which is the watershed or lomboy as popularly named by them. I took sometime to taste the gift of nature. The air is so refreshing and the water is clear and clean. It has preserved its natural beauty although the place has changed a lot. I’m hoping that the villagers will continue to take care of this bounty.

From lomboy, we have to climb the road and push the bikes. After which, I’ve never gone down from the bike to walk. The trail was still rocky but at least descending so I won’t have exert much effort to move.

In totality I really had a great time with mountain biking. Thank to the two friends of my boyfriend who joined us, to Zary for the borrowed rig and also to Kelvin for his bike that I used. And most especially for my Lavs for the jersey I wore and for making it possible for me to experience the hardship and enjoyment of mountainbiking.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Warm Up

This pics were taken in the afternoon of thursday. Together with his younger sister, I had my chance to get familiar with mountainbike. I got a little uneasy at first since I have'nt had pedalled for quite a long time especially that it's also my first time with mountainbike in particular. But after moving around their village, I found biking as enjoyable as always.
I remembered my childhood days when I was so eager to learn how to bike that I am not ashamed of asking my neighbor to teach me using thier own two wheels because we don't have one at home. After fervent practice, I was able to experience the fun of biking especially when our father bought our own bike.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Holy Week Trip to Cotabato

Common practice of the company I'm working with is closing business for the Holy Week that is from thursday to saturday. Well sunday is our rest day. So I took the chance of spending it at my boyfriend's place.

Maundy thursday after taking a my early bath and filling my stomach with an instant noodle, I was already in the bus terminal at 5:30 where I waited for an hour for the bus to arrive. Passengers going to different destinations were swarming the place. It was a good thing that I did not brought lots of baggage.

After stopping at major municipalities in bukidnon including a halt for breakfast and lunch, the bus finally arrived at 1 pm in Kabacan where my boyfriend have been waiting for 2 hours already :(. From there, we rode another bus going to Cotabato.

At last we reached our destination where he took me to a fastfood in the mall where he had a snack and mine a big meal :).