Monday, December 27, 2010


It was around 11 am of December 25, 2010 when the sun was so high that we began the hike which was arranged by my fiancé and his friends. The first few meters seemed alright but the heat of the sun really brought me to sweat heavily. I closely observed and followed their path. We walked through the vast lands under the sun but there was also a shady area where we had a snack. We also had fun taking pictures along the way. We conquered the rocky, bushy, slippery area up and down the mountains. Then we crossed the river. It was at this point that I finally asked them if we are already near coz my legs were already in pain because of more than an hour hike. Then they smilingly answered that one more mountain and we’re already there. Then I mouthed a BIG HA...But of course what can I do except to go on walking and walking after all that was hiking all about. Then after a while, my spirit was lifted when I heard voices of people. I know we’re almost there. I hurried up not only to rest my legs but also to eat because I was so hungry since we haven’t had breakfast.

Indeed it was a refreshing activity especially for me who have not done such thing in quite a long time already. Though it was not easy but I look forward of doing it again to be attune with nature, with myself and with others.

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